Audio can make or break any project. When it comes to finishing your short film or feature debut, you can't get away with subpar audio. It's important not to try and cut corners because bad sound can take your audience out of your story immediately. It's why Accusonus has several tools that ease the burden of mixing sound with some very filmmaker-friendly plugins that don't take a 300-page manual to understand.

The company has released a new tool called Voice Changer, and as the name suggests, it helps you apply effects to voices with a few clicks. 

Voice Changer is comprised of three individually customizable elements: character, environment, and effect.

  • Character: from trailer narrations to monsters, robots to anime protagonists—content can require varying characters, in turn requiring varying voices.
  • Environment: users can leap out of their studio, and lay out a fresh landscape beneath their voice. "Record" inside a stadium, rainstorm, cave, airport, bathroom—anywhere.
  • Effect: regular microphones can become anything with this module. Emulate walkie-talkie chatter, a radio, vintage-style news broadcasts, space transmissions, and more.

With the program activated, you can combine all three aspects. Accusonus has provided a wide range of presents to use as starting points. Additionally, you can create voices from scratch and save the setting to use later on another track.

What makes Accusonus plugins so great is the user interface. They're designed with big, easy-to-follow buttons and menus that don't require extra digging. The Voice Changer UI carries on the tradition with simple-to-use dials. 

Subscribers of the Creative and Post-Production Suites will have access to the plugin at no additional charge. If you're new to Accusonus, you can check out more about them and pricing plans on their website