Rotolight has launched a new "Trade-Up" program for its award-winning Titan series of LED panels which gives users a quick and easy way to take advantage of cutting-edge LED technology without breaking the bank.

Rotolight Trade Up Program

If you're an existing Rotolight owner (NEO 2, AEOS, Anova, and Anova PRO models), or own a selection of other light brands, including ARRI Skypanel, Litepanels, KinoFlo, Aputure, Godox, and Profoto, Trade Up gives you the chance to save up to $1000 on a Titan X1 or X2. Not only that, but the program can also be used in conjunction with any of Rotolight's Titan promotions, which means you can potentially save another $1000 off any X2 or X1 until April 30th, bringing the total savings up to a whopping $2000.

Custom Trade-Up quotations against other brands can also be provided upon request by contacting Rotolight

The process of upgrading is easy. Just head over to Rotolight's Trade Up page, place your Titan order at with your unique upgrade code, and then return your old light to Rotolight.


Rotolight's Titan Series

But why should you trade up in the first place? What does Rotolight's Titan series offer that maybe your older gear doesn't?

Well, it's quickly becoming a favorite among industry professionals, receiving praise from photographers, cinematographers, and gaffers alike. "It’s incredibly exciting to have a light where you can shape and control the light without any modifiers," says Roy Wagner ASC. "I use Rotolight now for virtually every setup."

Let's run through some of their most impressive features:

  • SmartSoft Technology lets you electronically adjust diffusion, focus, and spread - no need for gels or additional modifiers
  • Touchscreen display with quick-start icons and 10 user presents in each menu (50 user presets in total)
  • World's first High-Speed Sync RGB flash (16.7million colors, zero recycle time)
  • Best in class light output and color accuracy (TLCI 98)
  • Award-winning suite of CineSFX™ (Fire, Lightning, TV, and more), full RGBWW capabilities
  • Built-in Bluetooth, wireless DMX, and Lumenradio CRMX capabilities, no additional modules or base stations needed
  • Library of daylight and tungsten version of over 1400 industry-standard gels
  • Built to aerospace standards

Xmfh-euaCredit: Peter Neill

YouTube tech reviewer Tommy Callaway says, “Titan is the best build quality available, with a level of innovation unseen in this market”.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Rotolight and check out its Trade Up program.

Source: Rotolight Trade Up