edelkrone has introduced its latest entry into its motion control ecosystem, the Pan PRO, a motorized single-axis panning solution that offers loads of versatility, customization, and compatibility to give you all the space you need to let your creativity loose.

Pan PRO features ultra-quiet operation, edelkrone App and edelkrone Controller compatibility, smart target tracking, live target switching, 30-lb payload capacity, and an exciting Sequencer feature that allows you to program multiple poses and adjust each transition speed.

Also, thanks to its backlash-free mechanical design, the Pan PRO can perform macro-precise loopable motion, allowing you to repeatedly capture stunning macro shots that require perfectly smooth motion and tack-sharp focus.

Key Features

  • Fast setup
  • Smooth motion
  • Compact design
  • Can be hand-controlled
  • Works with JibONE, edelkrone Sliders and Dollies, and tripods
  • Up to 30lb carrying capacity
  • New axis capability with JibONE
  • Macro-precise, loopable motion
  • Automatic Target Tracking
  • Live Target Switching
  • Instant Target Learning
  • Sequencer feature
  • Remote and App controlled
  • Information screen
  • Quiet operation

edelkrone Pan PROedelkrone Pan PRO

But one feature that is sure to make edelkrone fans happy is its ability to be controlled by hand as a standalone unit to produce buttery smooth pans but can also be paired wirelessly with other edelkrone devices, including its dollies and sliders, to capture complex, elegant, and professional-grade camera movements.

This means that whether you need something small and portable to capture grand vistas atop a steep mountainside or you need something that gives your beefy camera setup more utility on set, Pan PRO can be both for you.

However, it has to be said that where this panning device seems to shine brightest is when it’s paired with the edelkrone JibONE. In fact, the added axis you get by placing a Pan PRO between a tripod and JibONE unlocks a full jib experience. To take it even further, throw a HeadPLUS in the mix and all of a sudden you’ve got unlimited motorized motion to capture virtually any camera motion you can think of.

edelkrone Pan PROedelkrone Pan PRO

Pan PRO is available now. Its retail price is $599, but you can get 30% off thanks to edelkrone’s Black Friday Deals, making the sale price just $419 through Nov. 30.

Head on over to edelkrone to learn more.

Source: edelkrone