Love movies and want to experience watching with other movie lovers? Well, the Alamo Drafthouse is the ultimate way to enjoy cinema, especially with its "rowdy" showings where people can scream and interact with the movie as it plays. But now that the theater chain has launched its own subscription program, Season Pass, across its 41 locations all over America, this might be the perfect gift to buy yourself or someone else in your city. 

Season Pass is the only subscription program that allows guests to have the Alamo Drafthouse cinematic experience every single day all for one low monthly fee. The membership provides one regularly priced ticket per day, with reservations available up to seven days in advance.

And it's not just the new releases...

Alamo Season Pass grants access to the widest selection of films in the cinema industry, including blockbusters, independent and arthouse releases, and classic repertory screenings. Last year Alamo Drafthouse locations screened over 2,100 different titles, nearly double the variety of the second-highest number amongst exhibitors.


Don't just take it from me. Take it from Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League.

“This is a huge win for movie lovers,” says League. “The entire reason we opened the Alamo in the first place was to share the movies we love with as many people as possible, and Season Pass is the perfect means for folks to explore more and more films.”

“Season Pass is built right into Alamo Drafthouse’s mobile apps, and we spent a lot of time making sure it’s fast, convenient, and easy to use,” says Michael Trafton, Alamo Drafthouse’s Chief Technology Officer.

So what's the price? 

Check out the chart below! 


Season Pass subscriptions renew monthly, with no annual commitment. The membership also works for screenings in 3D, 70mm, Dolby Atmos, and The Big Show premium large format, with a $1.99 surcharge per ticket. Members with accompanying friends and family members can always purchase additional regular-priced tickets at the same time, or they can add up to 4 Extra Seats (similar to “Plus Ones”) to their monthly Alamo Season Pass subscription at a discounted price.

Season Pass is available for instant sign-up and immediate use in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, Phoenix, Raleigh, San Antonio, Kansas City, Yonkers, Springfield, and New Braunfels. In select regions, memberships are available via a waiting list, but all locations are expected to be open for everyone in the coming months. 

As an LA native, I can't wait to snag my pass. So, sign up and get your butt to the movies this year! 

Source: Alamo Drafthouse - Season Pass