Alan Moore is the mind behind things like V for Vendetta and Watchmen, among many other graphic novels and stories. He has a real grasp on dark fantasy, historical fiction, heroes, and everything in between. 

Now, Moore wants to take you deep into his writing process and how he combines character, story, language, and worldbuilding to create the tales that have won him fans the world over. That seems like a valuable lesson! 

Check out this video from the BBC, and let's talk after. 

How to develop as a writer

Moore just looks the part of an epic storyteller. And his voice helps carry us through his intentions in storytelling.

As Moore says, if you wish to develop as a writer, you need to learn to listen to your character. I like how he strips down the idea of a divine calling—anyone can write if they are willing to work on the craft and concentrate on the creation of the elements you need to tell a story. There's a power here that he imbues within you. You're in control of the twists and turns and genre, and he's here to build you up and help you find the right world to build. 

Obviously, this is a short video that's the debut of a series that is ideal for aspiring fiction writers. This online course includes downloadable course notes to guide you on your own creative journey. You can stream Moore's entire course here for $90. I took it and enjoyed it.

Moore is a bit of an iconoclast, but the lessons he had were all practical and easily applicable to my writing. Even though I consider myself a professional, I found some of his ideas on character creation helped break me away from some rigid methods I have been stuck in. 

Or just take the broader lessons here and apply them to your work for free. Either way, let us know what you think in the comments. 

Source: BBC