Although his film, Roma, didn't ultimately go to win Best Picture at last night's Academy Awards ceremony, filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón had one heck of an evening, winning three Academy Awards and receiving the opportunity to give three moving acceptance speeches. 

Each win was special in its own right: Cuarón's first speech, for Best Cinematography, was a speech that almost wasn't aired, his second, for Foreign Language Film, represented the first time the country of Mexico had won the award, and the third, for Best Director, represented the filmmaker's second directing Oscar (after winning for his previous film, Gravity, five years earlier). 

All in all, it was a great night for the black-and-white foreign film, winning three of the evening's top prizes (to date, no foreign film has ever won Best Picture, however a statistic that remained in place following yesterday's ceremony). And for those who value convenience, you can stream the film with your Netflix account here

Best Cinematography

Best Foreign Language Film

Best Director

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