At an Apple Event this morning, we got new looks at both an iPad update and an Apple Pencil update. Each have uses for filmmakers that I think will make our lives so much easier.

So, let's take a look at the uses and technical specs of the Pencil Pro and how it interacts with the iPad.

Check out the Apple event below on YouTube, as well as the rest of our Apple Event coverage here.

Apple Event - May

Apple Pencil Pro

The New Apple Pencil Pro


Apple has largely been happy with the stylus they have for the Apple iPad, and have not updated it since 2018. But in their event this morning, they unveiled a new Apple Pencil Pro, retailing for just $129.

New features include a squeeze sensor with haptic feedback, virtual shaped tools enabled by a barrel roll function, and Find My support for locating a misplaced device.

Third-party apps like Procreate are already integrating these innovative capabilities.

Why Filmmakers Love It

You can now draw your storyboards with accuracy, note screenplays, and take it onto set without losing it.

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