At an Apple Event this morning, we got new looks at both an iPad update and an Apple Pencil update. Each have uses for filmmakers that I think will make our lives so much easier.

So, let's take a look at the uses and technical specs of each of the products and find out their applications for us.

Check out the Apple event below on YouTube. And check out all our Apple Event coverage.

Apple Event - May

Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro


Apple's new iPad Pro redefines tablet visuals and power. It boasts a cutting-edge Tandem OLED display (available in both 11-inch and 13-inch sizes) for stunning visuals.

Under the hood, the new M4 chip delivers a massive performance leap, claimed to be four times faster than its predecessor.

This makes the new iPad Pro a powerhouse for creative work and demanding tasks.

Apple 13" iPad Pro M4 Chip (Standard Glass, 1TB, Wi-Fi Only, Silver)

Maximizing versatility and portability, the silver 13" Apple iPad Pro delivers exceptional performance with a powerful M4 Chip that features a 10-Core CPU, a 10-Core GPU with hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and a 16-core neural engine for AI workloads.


Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air


The new iPad Air delivers flexibility and power. Choose between 11-inch and 13-inch displays, both with the speedy M2 chip.

Improved camera placement, spatial audio, and vibrant new colors enhance your experience. Compatible with the Magic Keyboard and now with expanded storage options, it's the perfect iPad for work and play.

Prices start at $599 (11-inch) and $799 (13-inch).

Apple 13" iPad Air M2 Chip (256GB, Wi-Fi Only, Purple)

Now with the M2 chip, the Apple 13" iPad Air delivers optimal performance and advanced AI capabilities. The front-facing Ultra Wide 12MP camera with Center Stage is now located on the landscape edge of the iPad Air, making it ideal for video calls, especially if there's more than one person in the field of view.


Why Filmmakers Love iPads 


  • Scouting: The large screen is great for viewing location photos and sharing potential shots with the team. Apps like Cadrage help visualize framing directly on location.
  • Storyboarding: Apps like Procreate let filmmakers or illustrators quickly sketch out scenes, easing pre-visualization.
  • Inspiration: iPads let you browse mood boards on platforms like Pinterest, watch reference films, and read industry magazines more comfortably than on a phone.
  • Organization: Keep scripts, shot lists, gear lists, call sheets, and production notes readily accessible.


  • Monitoring: Some high-end cameras allow wireless monitoring and control via iPad apps.
  • Shot Reference: Easily pull up storyboards or reference images during filming for continuity.
  • Note-taking: Jot down observations, changes, or ideas on the spot.
  • Interview guide: Keep interview questions handy for documentary filmmaking.


  • Rough Editing: Powerful apps like LumaFusion allow for on-the-go editing, especially for quick projects or social media content.
  • Client Communication: Show clients rough cuts or project proposals with the iPad's crisp display.
  • Remote Collaboration: Use video conferencing for remote meetings and feedback sessions.

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