Aputure, my favorite purveyors of budget-friendly rental-quality lighting gear, has added another impressive feather to its cap, the Nova P600c.

The P600c continues its convention of creating lights with insane levels of LED output. If you're familiar with the Nova P300c,this will be more of the same, just brighter. However, as always, Aputure has thrown in a couple of extra bells and whistles to make this light a truly professional-grade tool.

The Nova P600c Has Four Different Lighting EnginesCredit: Aputure

The P600c has four different lighting engines (based on an RGBWW chipset). This means you have more control over color effects and sequences, all built into one light. I'd imagine this means some very convincing fire effects, police lights, club scenes, etc.

These four lighting engines are capable of putting out up to 2,298+ lux at 3 meters with a CRI & TLCI of 95+. This is loads brighter than most other RGBWW soft-lights out there. It also features stepless dimming from 0.1% all the way to 100%

All of these can be controlled via the fantastic Sidus link app or using the industry-standard LumenRadio CRMX (wireless lighting control).

The Nova P600c has a redesigned control box with wireless capabilitiesCredit: Aputure

They've also re-designed the control box and made it built into the fixture itself, which allows for full wireless control and ease of use. This light seems to be a really well-thought-out and self-contained piece of professional lighting gear, with lots of options for interesting lighting effects and extremely high output. 

I look forward to getting my hands on one. No word as of yet on price, but we'll report back as information comes in.