April 11, 2019
NAB 2019

The Free Aputure SidusLink Mobile App Controls Entire Aputure Lighting Ecosystem

Aputure's implementation of SIG Mesh network technology for advanced lighting control.

The new free iPhone / Android app gives Aputure users full mobile control over their new and pre-existing fixtures.

  • Without Wi-fi, all Aputure lights talks to each other
  • 65,000 devices can connect in one SIG Mesh network
  • 400 meter range (1 light every 80 meters)
  • Control HSI (Hue, Saturation, intensity)
  • Control color, control gel effects
  • No dead menus
  • Color Picker Mode to match lights to any source
  • SidasLink Dongle in the works for app control on older lights (under $100)

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