Astera is at it again with your favorite, innovative lighting solutions. For their latest release, the biggest modern name in lighting is releasing an attachment for their popular, extremely portable PlutoFresnel that offers a one-stop shop for for precision lighting at ease.

The ProjectionLens is adaptable to a myriad of lighting needs and will be great to have in your film kit arsenal for specific lighting and shot needs. That said, it's intimate and dramatic nature will be especially friendly for technicians lighting live events—perfect for a spotlight at a gala, or crafting intentional lighting for a stage play. The already nimble and powerful PlutoFresnel's potential just blew wide open with the dexterity granted by the ProjectionLens.

Keep reading below to learn more about this groundbreaking new tool from Astera.

How Does Astera's ProjectionLens Work?

The ProjectionLens is designed for quick and easy use, with a number of adjustable features to turn your PlutoFresnel into a portable light fixture that can accomplish the lighting look you need within seconds.

The ProjectionLens is designed to be compatible with the PlutoFresnel, so attaching is as simple as sliding in and locking to the LED. Considering the PlutoFresnal is a powerful 300W Tungsten, once attached you are then able to use the ProjectionLens to very intentionally build lighting scenarios that could take much longer or simply be unmanageable with a classic barn door setup.

From there, you have the custom agency to adjust everything from the size of the beam to the focus of the beam. Read below for a break down of the ProjectionLens.

Astera ProjectionLens Features

Astera Launches Multi-Purpose ProjectionLens for PlutoFresnel

Astera ProjectionLens for PlutoFresnel


Here are the nifty features of the ProjectionLens:

  • 16° to 36° Zoom - simply adjusted by twisting the lens barrel like a camera zoom lens for more spotlight precision.
  • Two Focus Wheel - assists in producing crystal-clear gobo projection at any distance. One is for standard focus and the other enables a focus for close proximity surfaces.
  • Shutter Blades on two Planes - this feature allows the user to cut off part of the beam with four different shutter blades, adding some versatility in the geometry of your light placement.
  • E-Size Gobo - The included Gobo holder is designed for E-Size Gobos and enables crystal-clear projections. Glass and Metal Gobos can be bought from third-party dealers.
  • Rotatable Barrel - This one is self explanatory, but a simple and handy tool for your prjection needs.

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Learn more about the PlutoFresnel here (linked to and ProjectionLens for PlutoFresnel here (linked to