In the world of video recording monitors, there are surprisingly few options that sit securely at the top of most filmmakers and industry professionals’ lists. 

One of those is the Atomos Ninja V+ which has been quite popular since its release. However, while the Ninja V+ might be the more powerful older brother, many of us do just fine with the Ninja V.

Whether you’re shooting HDR or regular SDR, the Ninja V has been one of the best options for professionals and prosumers alike with its support for up to 30 different cameras with its ProRes RAW (which itself is just one of the existing codecs offered with the Ninja V).

So, for anyone currently debating which direction they should go, here’s a solid argument for KISSing it up (keeping it simple, stupid) and going with the Ninja V as one of your best bets.

Atomos Ninja V

The Ninja V was pretty groundbreaking when first released in terms of its ProRes RAW integration, which we now see some regularly with the Ninja V+. However, while the “big brother” product is indeed awesome, the Ninja V itself remains one of the brightest stars of the Atomos brand.

The Ninja V does a good job of taking just exactly what your camera sensor is capturing and enhancing it into something greater that you can view in pristine detail. The Ninja V really should give you complete confidence in whatever you’re recording as you can safely, securely—and cinematically (if you know your stuff) —get your best shots on set.

The Ninja V is also now able to record H.265 (with paid activation) and compatibility with other codecs like DNx and the aforementioned ProRes, as well as includes a wide range of other codecs to suit your unique workflows and delivery formats.

Camera Compatibility

As of Oct. 7, 2021—subject to new additions after this date.

The Ninja V Features

It’s also worth mentioning that the Ninja V hosts a wide variety of AtomOS monitoring features that can help to turn this 5” monitor into a "one-stop-shop" of sorts for capturing and reviewing footage. 

You can also expand the capabilities of your Ninja V with the AtomX SYNC and SDI modules and the new AtomX CAST dock which transforms your Ninja V into a 4-input HDMI switcher—a huge plus on set.


Here’s a full list of some of the best specs and features for the Ninja V:

  • 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes & DNxHD recording
  • Record to AtomX SSDmini or standard 2.5” SSDs and even CFAST II with the newly announced adaptor
  • Supports a variety of log format
  • The Ninja V is a compact and affordable monitor-recorder perfect for the video professional who would like to level up their production
  • Ninja V is the ultimate field monitor for the on-the-go film and video creator that values capturing to high-quality industry-standard codecs like ProRes and ProRes RAW.
  • Eliminate your camera’s internal compression and time limits—record up to 4K 10-bit HDR video direct from your camera’s sensor over HDMI 2.0. Record up to 5.9K RAW with a growing list of enabled cameras.
  • The Ninja V’s state-of-the-art screen maintains clarity and color in the brightest of conditions and displays the widest dynamic range in HDR.
  • Ninja V is also packed with professional monitoring features like False Color, Zebra, Waveform, Histogram, Vectorscope, Guides, Focus Peaking, and more to ensure that every shot is technically and creatively framed and recorded in all its brilliance.
  • The Ninja V features a stunningly bright class leading 5” 10-bit HDR monitor with an astounding 1000 nits of output.
  • The sleek aluminum body is crafted for maximum durability, weighing in at just 360g and measuring only 25mm thick—easily attaching to any camera rig.

In summation, while the Ninja V+ might still be the bigger brother offering in Atomos’ line, you should absolutely consider the Ninja V as well as one of the best recording monitors out there.


Price and Availability

You can purchase the Atomos Ninja V online or at any authorized dealer across the world. 

Atomos Ninja V: $649

You can also check out the full array of purchasing options on B&H here.