In our current age of AI and new tech innovations being announced seemingly every month, it’s kind of dangerous to announce an outlandish new project online these days, even if it is on April 1st and quite a bit outside of what would ever make sense in reality.

However, here we are, looking at this fun and exciting, and quite funny, new announcement from Atomos shared across their social channels today. (And, again, today being April 1st, 2024.)

Dubbed the “Ninjoid” by Atomos, let’s take a look at their foolish new announcement of their latest Ninja monitor-recorder for your Polaroid cameras.

The Atomos Polaroid Ninja Monitor Recorder

Announced via social media channels like X and LinkedIn, Atomos has unveiled their latest innovation which solves a long-standing problem in the polaroid photography world. With the new Atomos “Ninjoid” shooters will be able to monitor their polaroid camera as they would any other digital camera.

Here’s the full write-up from Atomos:

Nothing says modern like ‘vintage’ these days, and we’ve tapped into the retro zeitgeist with our latest, limited edition Ninja monitor-recorder, affectionately dubbed ‘Ninjoid’.

Pricing and Availability

Along with their social posts about this exciting new Ninja monitor-recorder, Atomos has shared that shipping and pricing details will be announced later, presumably as part of next year’s April Fools announcement.