Atomos Ninja V Firmware Update Expands Z CAM Camera Control

AtomOS 10.51 improves the Ninja V interface and also extends Z CAM E2 camera control, let's dig into it. 

Atomos has released new firmware for the Ninja V external monitor and recorder, an add-on for filmmakers who want to get the best video their camera can handle. AtomOS 10.51. is somewhat of a minor update that enhances the overall workflow while improving the camera control of Z CAM E2 cameras. 

Previously, the two companies announced that ProRes RAW is now available to record externally from almost all of the Z CAM E2. The update left out the Z CAM E2G model, but after reaching out to Z CAM, No Film School has learned E2G will receive the ProRes RAW at a later date. Exactly when is unknown, but be on the lookout for firmware version 0.96 on Z CAM's support page

With AtomOS 10.15, the Z CAM menu can now be called up from the Ninja V touchscreen through the camera control menu, allowing shooters to control the camera through the Ninja V recorder. But there's a catch. Atomos notes that the camera control menu is not possible when recording RAW via HDMI. So shooters who want to record ProRes RAW and control the camera via the Ninja V won't be able to. You will have to use the Z CAM camera controls instead. 

When shooting other formats, like ProRes HQ or LT, the Ninja V can control the Z CAM. You can navigate the camera menu via the Ninja V menu and arrow keys directly through touchscreen as well as the on-camera buttons. Atomos also added an option that allows menus to remain active in cases when recording and display info is required. Additionally, Z CAM Zlog2 gamma is now supported externally in ProRes or DNx in HLG and PQ monitoring modes. 

Among the fixes, includes waveform refinements in Rec.709, HLG, and PQ modes and better compatibly in AudioHDR functionality. AtomOS 10.51 can be downloaded here.      

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