Audiio first launched only a year ago but is now offering a new subscription called Audiio Pro where creators gain access to every song and sound effect on its platform with unlimited downloads. Even better, the license covers distribution across YouTube, broadcast television, VOD, and others, allowing you to use any track worry-free on your next project. 

You might recall Audiio offering a lifetime subscription for $199to their exclusive sound effects library designed by Netflix, Lionsgate, and LucasArts sound designers. That was a pretty unique deal. And it is still available. The Audiio Pro subscription is similar, but instead of being lifetime, it's an annual subscription that includes unlimited music downloads and full access to all their sound effects for $199, which breaks down to around $16 per month. 

Since its launch, Audiio has added thousands of new songs from artists and music labels, and sound effects. They have a fairly extensive sound effects library with over 30,000 sounds across 500 different categories that include standard categories like walla, whooshes, weather, and footsteps, which you can find on our favorite free spots as well. 

With the Audiio Pro subscription, users can expect 50-100 new songs to be added to the platform each week, which already has 5,000 curated songs available to download. The universal license covers everything from YouTube monetization, Instagram, Twitch, streaming platforms, theatrical releases, podcasts, and more. 

Unlike Audiio's lifetime subscriptions that are billed only once (well, technically every 100 years) Audiio Pro is billed annually for $199. If you want to cancel, you have 14 days to do so for a full refund. After 14 days, you'll be charged the remaining amount that's left on the contract. It's also worth noting the subscription activates an automatic renewal, so if you want to cancel prior, be sure to do so 14 days before your yearly renewal date. 

That said, $199 for worry-free licensing is a great deal to get access to both music and sound effects. Audiio's Lifetime Music subscription is $299, and Lifetime SFX is $199. Add that together, it's $498 for a lifetime subscription to both music and sound effects. It would be great if Audiio considered offering a lifetime subscription plan for both music and sound effects—say $399. That would be a steal. 

You can find more info about Audiio over on its newly designed website.