If you’ve ever spent a few aimless hours searching for a brilliant sound effect that will bring your brilliant visuals to life, you know how important quality SFX can be.

Picture this: you need a "whoosh" but the WAV in your free SFX library sounds like it was recorded in a submarine circa 1981. You find a decent "whoosh" online, but you would have to message a guy named DmitriTheTerror on YouTube for permission. Maybe you should just set up your own audio gear, muttering 101 takes of 'whoosh' into the microphone in your closet. Next thing you know, you’ve just burned through a few hours for one lousy "whoosh."

Check yourself! A good SFX library can bring your film to life. After all, you spend beaucoup hours planning, producing, and editing your video, why would you expect the sound effect components to be any less vital? Earlier this year, Audiio launched its lifetime membership for music. Now, they’re moving into sound effects territory, with a Lifetime Audiio SFX subscription at $199.

How it works, according to Audiio:

  •     The Audiio SFX license covers you for any project, without restriction or limitation, in perpetuity.
  •     Once you download a sound effect from Audiio, it is yours to use forever.  
  •     Users can search for SFX inspiration via curated SFX category playlists like cinematic, transportation, whoosh, weather, technology, human, footsteps, etcetera or search by specific keyword for your scene.  

And, here's the company's new Audiio SFX launch video, to get an inside look at the platform and the creation of the SFX:

How do you know they are any good? Well, for starters, Audiio hired professional SFX designers from Lionsgate, Netflix, and Lucasarts. According to Audiio, its SFX designers made 100% exclusive SFX content. With just under 10,000 sound effects in 400+ categories up now, an estimated 30,000 more SFX is planned to be uploaded in the coming months. In the Audiio SFX launch video, you can see sound designer Nathan Smith at work, a sound genius who knows how to do all the SFX magic, including coconut footsteps.

Sound designer using fire to create sounds.Employing mad science and black magic, sound designer Nathan Smith creates cinema-quality sounds for Audiio SFX.

Audiio co-founder Clay Jones explains why the company wanted to bring SFX to the platform: “We listened to our customers, they want a higher quality SFX solution than what is on the market today so we knew from the start that we would need to closely control and curate every sound in-house. The process of crafting the perfect SFX is a bit like music. Each sound is recorded by our field team, mixed/mastered, and designed to be commercial-ready.”

Here’s a look at a few of the categories of SFX currently on Audiio. Oh look, a whole category of "whoosh."

Featured Categories on Audiio

Just like the music catalog subscription, the SFX subscription is for life—for early adopters!

Sound like something you need? Check out all the details of Audiio SFX for yourself here.

Header image via Audiio.com

Source: Audiio