One of the funniest shows out right now is Netflix's Big Mouth. It's a coming of age show not afraid to lean into the gross and confusing aspects of the transition from adolescence to adulthood. The show has an amazing cast including Nick Kroll, John MulaneyJessi KleinJason MantzoukasJenny SlateMaya RudolphMark DuplassRichard KindPaula PellFred ArmisenPaul Scheer, and Jessica Chaffin. 

Well, in order to make our lives a little better indoors, the cast held a live table read of the Season 3 debut episode, “How to Have an Orgasm.”

While just watching is fun, the read was done for a good cause, to raise money for Feeding America, a non-profit hunger relief organization dedicated to helping feed American communities.

Check it out below!

Big Mouth is on hiatus, but the show has already been renewed for 3 more seasons.

Season Four of Big Mouth was expected to launch this fall but there's no news on whether or not that will be affected by the coronavirus

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