Sci-fi writer/director Neill Blomkamp's long-promised Alien movie has been banished to development hell. Way back in 2015, he tweeted that the film was on hold at the time for a Prometheus follow-up.

The film never got made, even though it had already gone through much of the pre-production process. Recently, Blomkamp sat down on Joe Rogan's podcast and discussed what his take on the Alien franchise would have entailed. 

Check out the clip below: 

Blomkamp said that one of the most exciting parts leading up to this film was Sigourney Weaver's interest and how much she loved the script.

Apparently, she was really down with where the story was going and what it meant for the characters.

It's still frustrating today as an Alien fan to think about how great this film could've been. Blomkamp was going to make it a direct continuation from Aliens and expand upon the already existing character arcs. I mean, who wouldn't want to see Ripley in action again? 

You can tell that Blomkamp was and still is a huge admirer of what Ridley Scott did and only wanted to do right by the Alien franchise. 

What did you think of the clip? Would you have wanted to see this film? 

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Source: Joe Rogan Experience