If you've been to film school, you've spent money on a Bordwell and Thompson book. They're basically the film school bible-writers, and I love them.

Film is a medium that many people pushed aside as just entertainment, and Bordwell and Thompson wrote books that made those naysayers stop and think. They've elevated storytellers, shed light on film history, and made it accessible to college students and interested parties all over the globe. 

Now, you can get some of their landmark books online for absolutely free. 

David Bordwell wrote in his blog that he's grown uneasy with PayPal's politics, so he decided the best way to combat the service they used to have people pay for their books was to make them free. That's truly amazing and so generous. 

So what books are available? 

There are originals like Pandora’s Digital Box and the Christopher Nolan study, as well as updates of out-of-print publications like Planet Hong Kong and On the History of Film Style. Plus many, many more. These are crucial to have in your library and to help teach you about cinema. 

They are unlocked PDF files, and can be read or downloaded. 

Go get reading