CBR.com is reporting that a Breaking Bad feature film is going to happen. This does beg the question of what it will be about. 

After all... Last time we saw main character Walter White he didn't look like he was a good subject for a feature film. (Spoiler Alerts)

Breaking Bad cooking up a feature film dead walt

Sure, Breaking Bad was more than a show about Walter White and his alias Heisenberg. There was the rest of the ensemble, many of whom also died by series end. 

Of course that left room for the prequel series Better Call Saul, currently airing. 

Clearly, if there is money to be made from a beloved franchise, Hollywood will look for new stories... or not so new stories. The obvious character left to focus on is Walter's sidekick Jesse Pinkman. 

Can Jesse carry a movie though? We'll undoubtedly find out. 

News like this is always interesting for creatives because it's a massive portion of the opportunities in the industry today. Mining successful but completed stories for new content and new stories is where things are trending.

While Vince Gilligan is at the helm of this project, we know lots of properties come around looking for new voices to inject new stories into the franchise. 

How would you keep the Breaking Bad story going with just Jesse and no Walt to rely on? 

It's a worthwhile exercise. Let us know in the comments!