When the ARRI Trinity came out years ago, it was by far the most advanced stabilizer we've seen and still is today. It flew under the radar for some time, slowly growing in popularity among high-end users and productions who could afford the top-notch tech.

But when 1917 hit theaters, many learned that Trinity played an intricate part in making the "single-shot" film. The stabilizer had independent filmmakers creating their own cheaper alternatives with great success. Other manufactures have since caught on to the trend, including Tilta with its Tilta Float Support System and CAME-TV, which has released a stabilizer kit designed for smaller payloads ideal for mirrorless and DSLR cameras. 

The CAME-TV Pro Camera Stabilizer Kit can be used as a Steadicam or a gimbal with the added benefit of attaching a DJI RS 2 or another gimbal on the top plate for even more versatility. 

The kit has a vest, sled, and spring arm capable of carrying payloads from 4-17lbs (2-8kg). The spring arm comes in two different options, a light version and a heavier model. The Light Spring arm is best for smaller cameras 2-13lbs (2-6kg) and the Stronger Spring Arm holds 13-26lbs (6-12kg). 

The top of the stabilizer has 1/4" and 3/8" screws to mount your camera. The bottom has a V-mount plate, and CAME-TV has included two 15mm-diameter- by-11cm-long rods for attaching accessories like a follow focus or mattebox. The sled can be adjusted from 26.27" (67cm) to 47.24" (120cm) in length to help you create different stylized shots. 

Came-tv_prokit2Credit: CAME-TV

Additionally, you can also adjust the sled handle and the counterweight at the bottom for better balance. One unique aspect of this kit is the optional base adapter with D-Tap that allows you to mount and power the DJI Ronin RS 2

The CAME-TV Pro Camera Stabilizer Kit is priced at $788. The optional Ronin RS 2 adapter will set you back an additional $158. The entire kit is available now.