The Canon C70 was released in 2020 and offers a Super35 sensor that records in 4K. The dual gain sensor provided 16+ stops of total dynamic range with Dual Pixel autofocus and electronic image stabilization that paired perfectly with optically stabilized lenses. 

However, recording formats were limited to XF-AVC in either Intra or Long GOP. 

Today, Canon aims to change that with a welcome update that brings internal RAW options, as well as two new recording modes and color profiles. 

Canon C70 Internal RAW

The biggest addition in this update is Canon’s 12-bit Cinema RAW Light. This comes in RAW ST, LT, and HQ but is limited to certain sensor modes. 

When in the Super35 mode, users will only be able to record RAW ST and LT at a 4095 by 2160 resolution. But when cropped into the Super16 mode, all three flavors of RAW will be available with a resolution of 2048 by 1080.

Canon C70 Interal RAW Recording ModesCredit: CVP

All modes save for the Super35 RAW ST option will be able to record in up to 59.94p. 

However, there could be some issues when recording onto some SD cards. CVP ran a test with a low capacity V90 Class Angelbird SDXC card and still had some buffering issues. Although a similar class card with a higher capacity didn’t have that issue. 

The added flexibility of the new RAW options is great for filmmakers who run and gun. Unfortunately, users will have to deal with increased noise in post.

Canon C70 Interal RAW Bitrates & SD cardsCredit: CVP

Additional Updates

The two new recording modes in the Canon C70 will include Interval and Frame Recording.

When using Interval Recording, users can set a frame rate at either 1, 3, 6, or 9 frames, as well as the time interval between recordings. The shutter will be limited to 1/25 in this mode but can be expanded to 1/12 in the menus. 

Canon C70 New Recording ModesCredit: CVP

On the other hand, Frame Recording acts like a frame limiter which can create VRX similar to stop motion. This can be set up to also record 1, 3, 6, and 9 frames from a single button press. After hitting record, the camera will capture however many frames were set up in the menu. 

Finally, the addition of the EOS Standard and EOS Neutral color profiles allows for better color matching with legacy Canon cameras that don’t have the high dynamic range of modern equivalents. While most users won’t need these two features, it’s a nice touch that brings older gear in line with new offerings. 

Final Thoughts

It’s nice to see Canon still showing some love to older cameras. While the C70 may not be that old compared to gear that still uses Standard and Neutral color profiles, it’s definitely starting to show its age as manufacturers churn out new cameras at light speed. 

If you already own a Canon C70, this will be a welcome addition, but unfortunately, you shouldn’t go out and buy one just because it now has internal RAW. 

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Source: CVP