Full disclosure—I’m fully aware that this is hardly a filmmaking device, but I think it’s cool so I’m going to write about it anyway. Canon has announced their first ever Canon PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder and I’m so here for it.

Yes, it’s a rangefinder designed for golfers to get accurate distance measurements as they (read: me) line up their shots while out on the golf course. No, it’s meant to shoot and record video for any specific filmmaking or video production purposes. At least, not yet...

That being said, unlike traditional rangefinders which, you know, find the range for golfers on the course, the Canon PowerShot GOLF rangefinder can technically capture images and record video. Let’s take a look at this new PowerShot GOLF and explore how—and why—Canon has decided to develop a rangefinder for the first time ever.

Introducing the Canon PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder

Designed to deliver accurate, near-instant, and angle-compensated distance readings on the golf course, Canon’s PowerShot GOLF Digital Laser Rangefinder is fully equipped with quality optical features, yet still small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

The PowerShot GOLF is capable of 6x optical zoom and 12x digital magnification and features high-precision laser and pin-locking functions, as well as image stabilization and a bright electronic viewfinder which should make it a perfect tool for getting a precise view of the pin.

Compact, lightweight, and waterproof, the PowerShot GOLF should easily fit into your pocket (or golf bag) and has its own built-in rechargeable battery which can be re-upped with a USB-C port. The PowerShot GOLF also notably features an optional Slope Mode feature for providing elevation-adjusted distances.

Record Your Golf Round

So, what’s cool about this Canon PowerShot GOLF rangefinder, which is basically a Canon PowerShot digital camera repurposed for golfers’ needs, is that it is still a camera—so it can take photos and record MP4 video with sound.

Of course, this rangefinder isn’t meant to shoot short films or commercial video, especially since it’s only powered by a 2.4MP CMOS sensor (13.5MP effective resolution) and only capable of recording clips up to 59 seconds in length, it is capable of recording images and videos for golfers to create their own course diaries.

You (again, read: me) will also be able to record audio with your video so you can make notes to yourself during your round, and all images and videos will also include superimposed distance info in your recordings which you can store directly to a microSD card.

Price and Availability

This PowerShot GOLF isn’t for everyone. Most filmmakers and various content creator types will want to look for, you know, actual digital cameras for their videos. However, if you’re a golfer, or an avant-garde filmmaker looking to experiment with an abrasive style, the PowerShot GOLF could be one of Canon’s more notable innovations outside of traditional photo and video technologies.

Here are the full specs and purchase options:

  • 6-800 Yard Range
  • 6-12x Digital Magnification
  • 2-Axis Image Stabilization
  • Takes Photos & Video
  • Built-In Slope Compensation
  • Flagpole Lock Function
  • 8-Second Continuous Scan
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • IPX4-Equivalent Water Resistant
  • Compact and Lightweight

Canon PowerShot Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Canon PowerShot Golf Laser Rangefinder delivers accurate, near-instant, and angle-compensated distance readings on the golf course—and it also shoots photos and video, on the links or anywhere else.