Cinenick has introduced a cool new caddy for RED Mini-Mags that will make identifying media on set easier.

The $95 Mini-Mag Caddy has a clever design that features two acrylic inserts on the front face that can be written on instead of using tape to identify the media. Or, as Cinenick puts it, there's "no more need for camera tape tags that can fall off or leave behind a sticky residue." 

The Mini-Mag Caddy easily attaches to the RED Mini-Mag and has a front status window that switches from green to red as you insert it into the camera. This allows those on set to know that media has been written to the card. Once the media has been transferred, the status window can be manually reset. 

The acrylic inserts can be written on with a dry erase marker and have an option for Camera and Mag number. The latter will be changed to "RAW" in its final form. 

Available for pre-order, Cinenick is allowing buyers to engrave company information into the caddy upon purchase. The Mini-Mag Caddy is machined from aluminum alloy and has contoured grips for easy removal. Packs of 4 or 8 are available at a discount. 

You can find more about the Mini-Mag Caddy device here