Mobile filmmaking has become a part of the indie filmmaker DNA. Similar to how apps like FiLMiC Pro allow creators to take advantage of robust tools like manual focus, aperture control, log recording, and more, FilmConvert and CineMatch are software that take a lot of the guesswork out when it comes to color matching video sources.

The company has now released a camera pack for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro, allowing filmmakers to match footage from the smartphone to our favorite mirrorless, DSLR, and cinema cameras. 

Filmconvert_iphone12ARRI, left and iPhone, right (Rec.709)Credit: FilmConvert

FilmConvert has been around for quite a while, and we've covered it extensively in the past. The original version has been updated to FilmConvert Nitrate with better tools, but the company still supports both with the latest updates. The software allows you to quickly color-match video by overlaying over a dozen different film stock emulations on your timeline. 

With CineMatch, you're matching the log profile of different camera sources. Say you're shooting Sony S-Log3 with one camera and Canon Log with another. Using CineMatch, you can apply the S-Log3 profile to the Canon Log footage, which emulates the Sony log for further grading. It not only creates a great starting point when working with two different cameras, but you can also use it to completely change the profile of your footage. For instance, if you're shooting with a Canon C300 Mark II but in post, you prefer the look of the ARRI Alexa? Simple. Apply the ARRI Alexa picture profile, and start grading. 

Now that the iPhone Pro 12 camera pack is available, you can theoretically match the iPhone Pro 12 to ARRI, RED, Canon, Sony, and the dozens of other camera profiles FilmConvert has available. Or at least pretty close. In fact, the company already created a test trying to match the iPhone to ARRI. Check it out: 

While the test isn't perfect, you can still get pretty accurate results.

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Source: FilmConvert