This new update for Colourlab Ai makes it easier to do the right way.

In a short time, the concept of a "show LUT" has become a standard practice on set. I remember a time when external monitors didn't even have the ability to display real-time LUTs. Now, we can develop a nice lookup table before we ever step on set, and shoot and light every image for that look specifically (referencing the LUT in our monitors as we do so).

This is what is known as a "show LUT." A show LUT is a LUT you can use as a look through the entire pipeline, from pre-production all the way through post-production. A show LUT can give everyone a baseline color and feel for the intended visual tone.

Colourlab Ai has just announced its new 1.3 update, which puts the power in the hands of the creator and uses AI to make custom professional LUTs that can work across multiple camera platforms and applications.

Colourlab Ai gives users professional LUT creations toolsCredit: Colourlab Ai

This new update includes an addition of the "EL Zone System" which was developed by Ed Lachman, ASC (Carol, Far From Heaven) which brings an intuitive model for displaying exposure values using stops, a standard that everyone who has exposed an image can understand. Colourlab Ai's use of this new zone system is a great way for users to quickly evaluate exposure for their scenes across 20 different camera types.

Also included in the update is the addition of HDR scopes, expanded LUT export functionality, and a new dual-view vectorscope.

For the broadcast folks out there, the update also adds NDI support, which has been gaining momentum in multiple areas of the industry.

Colourlab Ai is currently Mac only and is available for subscription for $49 a month or $490 annually.