As far as super-cardioid condenser wireless shotgun microphones go, this new Comica VM30 has to be my new personal favorite. I know, I know, I shouldn’t show any favoritism. But it is currently the only shotgun microphone with a built-in wireless radio frequency module, so it’s tops for now.

As far as industry innovations go though, this is a bit surprising to see that this production problem hasn’t been solved yet. Of course, you could always rig up your own wireless microphone in the past by combining tools and gear, but this packaged product is a nice reminder that the production industry can keep innovating in ways that aren’t exclusively tied to generative AI.

So let’s take a look at this new Comica VM30 and its wired and wireless receiver modes to see how it could help with your video shooting, live streaming, and all-around mobile filmmaking needs.

The Comica VM30 Wireless Shotgun Microphone

An upgrade on the manufacturer’s CVM-VM20 Camera-Mount shotgun microphone, this new CVM-VM30 adds support for both wired and wireless modes now. With an on-mic button to switch between the modes, this new hybrid-use mic can be a great tool for working in different sets and situations where you might need the versatility of movement without extra cords, modules, or accessories to get your audio recorded.

As a shotgun mic, the VM30 can be used with any tripods, arm stands, or even camera mounts that you might need for your productions. Plus, with latency under 20 milliseconds, the VM30 should be able to work within a 100-meter range (with an open area of about 20 meters for interior settings).

If you’re curious about audio quality with these wireless functionality, Comica also promises that the mic will be able to record 24-bit audio at a 48KHz sampling rate in any of these settings, aided by the super-cardioid pattern to help keep any unwanted ambient noise reduced and your focus clear.

Comica-vm30-2The VM30 boats up to 100 meters of audio recording range.Credit: Comica

Run-and-Gun Video Production Unlocked

What’s cool about this new packaged wireless shotgun mic is that you’ll pretty much be able to shoot and record video and audio on the run right away. This isn’t the highest-end equipment by any means, but if you’re looking to upgrade your on-the-run capabilities for all manner of documentary or fast-moving video projects, this VM30 could be a true lifesaver, especially on shoots with limited or small crews.

With some added 75/150Hz low-cut and high-frequency boost modes too the VM30 should be helpful in filtering out unwanted audio when shooting in loud (or not loud enough) and uncontrollable environments.

Compatible with a wide array of cameras and devices, even including smartphones, and with an analog 3.5mm output, users will be happy to find that they can quickly and easily adjust settings like gain using a rotating gain dial on the rear of the mic. The VM30 also has a shock mount, a wind muff, and plenty of safety modes to prevent popping—as well as an easy-mute option as well.

Comica-vm30-5A look at the VM30's supercardioid recording pattern.Credit: Comica

Pricing and Availability

While it might not be right for everyone, if you’re someone looking for an easy plug-and-play and on-the-run audio microphone, this is going to potentially be a game-changer in the industry.

Here are the full specs and pricing as the Comica VM30 is available now online:

  • Groundbreaking Shotgun Microphone Integrated Wireless Module 
  • Support Wired/Wireless Dual Modes for One-button Switch 
  • 48kHz/24bit Super Cardioid Recording, Broadcasting-level Sound Quality 
  • Digital/Analog Output, Universal for Camera, Smartphone, Computer 
  • Intelligent Auto-sensing 3.5mm Output and Power Switch 
  • 75/150Hz Two Low-cut Filter Modes, High-frequency Boost 
  • Support Gain Control, Safety Mode, Real-time Monitor, and Muting 
  • OLED Screen for Monitoring and Visual Operation 
  • Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Support Charging While Using 
  • Battery Life Up to 50H in Wired Mode, Up to 7H in Wireless Mode 
  • Low Latency Less than 20ms, Wireless Working Range Up to 100m (Open Area) 
  • Full Metal Material, Super-shielding, Stable and Durable

Price: $189

How do you feel about this new wireless shotgun microphone? Any interest in using it in your productions here soon?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.