He's calling it the Taxonomy of Digital Video, and it's a great deep dive on how to start better developing content for YouTube that actually can connect to audiences. 

The best part? It's grounded in a scientific approach. 

He goes through what he considers the 6 classifications of content, as well as the 8 formats. 

From there he'll give you examples of each of the 8 formats, including common elements, styles, and types. 

So do you have an idea for a reaction video? Find out what elements you need in place. How about a "hybrid" format? He even breaks down which hybrids work and why. 

Particularly how they affect "view velocity", which is how fast a new upload gains viewers, which in turn affects whether YouTube's algorithm will slot your content into Suggested and Recommended sections. 

There is so much value to gain from this piece, we highly recommend you give it a read!




Source: Tubefilter