The crime and gangster genre has captivated audiences with its complex characters, intricate plots, and moral ambiguities. Whether you're a seasoned screenwriter or a budding storyteller, the allure of crafting a tale set in the underbelly of society is undeniable.

These 75 writing prompts are designed to ignite your creative spark and guide you through the shadows of this fascinating genre.

Let's dive in.

75 Crime and Gangster Movie Writing Prompts

  1. A retired mob boss is forced back into the life when his family is threatened.
  2. Two rival gangs find themselves having to work together against a common enemy.
  3. A small-time criminal unexpectedly becomes the leader of a notorious gang.
  4. An undercover cop infiltrates a gang, only to find his loyalties shifting.
  5. A heist goes terribly wrong, leaving the crew to deal with the aftermath.
  6. A gangster's past comes back to haunt him as he tries to go straight.
  7. A detective with a troubled past gets a lead on an unsolved case tied to the mafia.
  8. The daughter of a mob boss falls in love with someone from a rival gang.
  9. An old crime family tries to maintain power in a changing world.
  10. A series of crimes mimicking a famous mobster's methods stirs up the underworld.
  11. A former criminal tries to protect his neighborhood from gang violence.
  12. A new drug hits the streets, sparking a brutal gang war.
  13. A crime journalist becomes too involved with her subject matter.
  14. A heist planner comes out of retirement for one last job.
  15. An ex-con is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and seeks justice.
  16. A corrupt politician's dealings with the underworld are exposed.
  17. A mob enforcer questions his life choices after a near-death experience.
  18. A group of teenagers inadvertently get involved with a gang.
  19. A police officer's secret life in a gang is threatened to be exposed.
  20. A woman takes over her family's criminal empire.
  21. A hitman struggles with his conscience after a job goes wrong.
  22. Two best friends on opposite sides of the law face off.
  23. A gang member must choose between his family and his gang.
  24. An aging gangster confronts the new generation of criminals.
  25. A criminal mastermind plays a dangerous game with the police.
  26. A detective uncovers a conspiracy within his own department.
  27. A crime family battles internal power struggles.
  28. A small town sheriff faces off against a powerful crime syndicate.
  29. A young gang member tries to escape the life.
  30. A notorious thief is hired for an impossible heist.
  31. A criminal psychologist gets too close to a patient with ties to the mafia.
  32. A witness to a crime is hunted by the gang involved.
  33. An innocent man is pulled into the criminal underworld.
  34. A gang seeks revenge after one of their own is killed.
  35. A former gang member returns to his old neighborhood to right past wrongs.
  36. A detective's obsession with a case leads him into danger.
  37. A crime lord's empire crumbles under police pressure.
  38. A group of criminals are betrayed and seek vengeance.
  39. A new recruit in a gang struggles with the violent lifestyle.
  40. A gangster tries to keep his family life separate from his criminal life.
  41. An unlikely alliance forms between a cop and a criminal.
  42. A bank robbery brings together a diverse crew of criminals.
  43. A former cop turns to crime after being wrongfully dismissed.
  44. A gang initiates a new member with a dangerous task.
  45. A gangster's girlfriend is caught between loyalty and survival.
  46. An ex-cop hunts down the gang that wronged him.
  47. A turf war escalates into a city-wide conflict.
  48. A crime lord mentors a young protege with unexpected results.
  49. A gang's loyalty is tested when a secret is revealed.
  50. A jewel thief plans a heist at a high-profile event.
  51. A young detective goes undercover in a high school to bust a drug ring.
  52. An aging criminal looks back on his life of crime.
  53. A series of bank heists puzzle the police.
  54. A corrupt cop's life unravels as he gets deeper into crime.
  55. A gang member seeks redemption by helping the community.
  56. A criminal's life is upended when their child learns of their activities.
  57. A notorious gang leader is released from prison and seeks to reclaim his power.
  58. A crime family's matriarch protects her family at all costs.
  59. A gangster on the run hides in a small, unsuspecting town.
  60. A cop and a gangster, childhood friends, reunite on opposite sides of the law.
  61. A crime thriller involving a case of mistaken identity.
  62. A group of ex-criminals join forces for a legitimate business venture.
  63. A hacker gets involved with a criminal organization.
  64. A revenge plot against a crime boss unfolds in intricate detail.
  65. A criminal duo's relationship is tested during a risky job.
  66. A police informant navigates the dangers of his role.
  67. A kidnapping case leads to a web of criminal activity.
  68. A retired detective is drawn back to help solve a cold case.
  69. A gangster's rise to power in a crime-ridden city.
  70. A crime spree challenges the concept of justice in a small community.
  71. A heist crew deals with the fallout of a member turning informant.
  72. A criminal's plan for a peaceful retirement is disrupted.
  73. A detective balances his work with his complicated personal life.
  74. A gang member's loyalty is tested when confronted with moral dilemmas.
  75. A crime lord's son tries to escape his father's shadow and make his own way.

Remember that these prompts are just the beginning. Each one is a gateway to a world of narrative possibilities, where you can explore the depths of human nature and the complexities of life on the wrong side of the law.

Whether you choose to craft a tale of a ruthless mob boss, a conflicted cop, or an ordinary person caught in extraordinary circumstances, your story has the power to captivate and intrigue.

So, go get back to writing!