I love Disney. I know it's a powerhouse and I know it edited the butt out of Splash, but as a company, I find its work to be highly entertaining. You can't fault a brand that makes its name on family films to continue that tradition. 

But when it acquired Fox, I, along with many others, worried that it might mean the burial of some of Fox's most important, and more adult properties. The general worry was that movies, like Alien and that entire franchise, which was set to get 4K restorations and Blu-rays, would just disappear. 

This was not just my own personal worry, but one that was spreading across the internet. 

When one studio acquires another, you assume some things will go by the wayside, but we don't want to lose essential parts of history. 

Moreso, many noted a slowdown and assumed Disney was no longer intending to produce 4K Blu-rays for the vast majority of its massive back catalog of movies. That included both live-action titles from its own archives and all the catalog movies it secured through its purchase of 20th Century Fox.

This week, the worry was so rampant that Forbes reached out to talk directly to Disney

They sent back a clear message, “There are no plans to discontinue releases in a particular format. We evaluate each release on a case by case basis and pursue the best strategy to bring our content into consumer homes across platforms that meet a variety of demands.”

Well, that seems to clear things up. Rumor has it that Disney will move ahead with 4K restorations on some of their older animated titles and even dig into the Fox catalog as well. James Cameron apparently has 4K restorations of all his films coming, although it might take a while since he's still working on the Avatar sequels. 

What are some titles Disney controls that you'd love to see in 4K? 

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