DJI's New Consumer Drones Will Get Airplane and Helicopter Detectors

DJI AirSense
DJI is working to make the skies an even safer place in the drone era.

Yesterday, DJI announced that it will be installing airplane and helicopter detectors in its new consumer drones. Models released after January 1, 2020 that weight more than 250 grams (about half a pound) will come with AirSense technology, which receives ADS-B signals from nearby airplanes and helicopters, to provide alerts to drone users about imminent collisions. AirSense can detect aircraft from miles away and displays their locations on the drone's remote controller screen.

Check out this video to learn how AirSense works:


The company has even laid out a 10-point safety plan for other drone manufacturers and government officials around the world:

DJI’s AirSense commitment is the first of 10 points in “Elevating Safety,” its new plan for how DJI, other drone manufacturers, and government officials around the world can maintain drones’ admirable safety record. The 10 points are:

  • DJI will install ADS-B receivers in all new drones above 250 grams
  • DJI will develop a new automatic warning for drone pilots flying at extended distances
  • DJI will establish an internal Safety Standards Group to meet regulatory and customer expectations
  • Aviation industry groups must develop standards for reporting drone incidents
  • All drone manufacturers should install geofencing and remote identification
  • Governments must require remote identification
  • Governments must require a user-friendly knowledge test for new drone pilots
  • Governments must clearly designate sensitive restriction areas
  • Local authorities must be allowed to respond to drone threats that are clear and serious
  • Governments must increase enforcement of laws against unsafe drone operation

DJI has definitely made its commitment to aviation and drone safety known. It was the first company to offer safety features like geofencing, automatic altitude limits, and return-to-home technology, and now that it has committed to including AirSense on consumer drones, piloting drones has become a lot safer for those on the ground and in the sky, especially since that technology was only available on select professional DJI drones.

Now that's coming to consumer-grade models, increased drone safety is something that will be available to professionals and hobbyists alike in 2020.     

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If you need such a detector than you are a total noob and not allowed to fly a drone. You should know the rules and laws in advance.

May 24, 2019 at 8:33AM, Edited May 24, 8:33AM

Steadicam Operator/Owner

So according to you it's better for DJI not to develop this technology and implement it into their drones because it's only for "n00bs"? Go yell at the clouds old man

May 26, 2019 at 4:03PM


1, pro users can fly with more confidence in busy areas
2, new users have one more layer of idiot-proofing
3, we're all getting further from what felt like an inevitable disaster of a drone taking down some larger aircraft
4, I love lists

May 29, 2019 at 12:29PM