Shaky footage sucks. Unless it's a look you're going for, without any Dramamine, it can take the viewer out of your story quite quickly. As smartphone cameras improve and continue to increase in popularity among creators, stabilizing the small body is a necessity. Today, DJI has introduced the OM 4, a smartphone stabilizer for that very reason.  

The OM 4 is the latest version of DJI's popular Osmo Mobile series, but the company has dropped the moniker from its smartphone stabilizer line with the OM 4. However, the new digs don't skimp on improvements, offering upgraded motors, a magnetic mounting system, and a foldable design for easy transport. 

While the 3-axis stabilizer doesn't try to reinvent the vertical, it instead takes what creators want most and refreshes them. The most notable change is the addition of a magnetic mount that balances and secures the phone. The idea here is that the magnetic design will speed up the balancing process compared to the metal clamp found on the Osmo Mobile 3, which was quite tedious.


It's now more of a snap-and-go method where the metal clamp securely connects to your phone and then the clamp magnetically connects to the stabilizer. DJI also added a second option which uses a magnetic mount with a ring holder that attaches to the back of the phone. This option removes the clamp from the mounting equation completely and is ideal for lighter phones. 

The OM 4 packs in the same shooting modes and features found on previous models, including ActiveTrack, Gesture Control, Timelapse, DynamicZoom along with Story and Sport modes, among others. Users will also see similar battery life of about 15 hours on a full charge. If you're running low on power in the field, the OM 4 can be charged with a portable battery charger. When portability is a concern, the device collapses down to around 6 inches with a simple press of a button. 


The device can easily be operated using one hand with all of its buttons within reach. Activating Bluetooth, users can connect to the DJI Mimo app to control settings and choose between presets, but the unit can also be used with the native camera app found on your phone. The DJI OM 4 is a nice upgrade to the Osmo Mobile 3 and comes with a magnetic ring holder, magnetic clamp, tripod, wrist strap, and case. Street price is set around $150