Just in time for the end of Fargo's phenomenal fifth season (some weeks later, sure, but we miss it so much) we're graced with a new Coen Brother slapstick crime caper with Dirve-Away Dolls. Notably Coen Brother singular, this new entry in the beloved fraternal auteurs is simply Ethan, this time around with his wife Tricia Cooke.

Here at No Film School we love a quick tuition-free film lesson, particularly if the Coen namesake is attached. Below, check out Focus Feature's 60-second film school where Coen and Cooke drop a quicky on having fun with comedy films and how to keep your story moving with fun moments.

'Drive-Away Dolls' Ethan Coen & Tricia Cooke On Driving A Story Through Comedy | 60 Second Film School

Short but dense, this 60 seconds of comedy knowledge provides a lot of fun and interesting tidbits inside the mind of Coen and Cooke and their approach to Drive-Away Dolls.

My biggest takeaways were the joy of having fun for fun's sake and not being afraid of a little goofy whimsey. One, a good comedy should always be fun (in my humble opinion), and two, their note on keeping the pace and story going in interesting ways I feel like can be applied to any genre.

Also, we love an intentionally goofy edit transition. If you're reading this George Lucas (Amy Pascal?), star wipe in the next Star Wars, please.

Catch Drive-Away Dolls in theaters now.