We all miss going to the theater, but it's hard to know when things will be totally safe again. There have been lots of drawbacks during this time, but the one thing I am loving is the comeback of drive-in movie theaters. 

Once a thing of the past, the experience has come full circle. 

People are now heading out to go to the movies and staying in their cars—away from the public but still enjoying their favorite movies on the big screen. 

In Los Angeles, we have a really fun spot called Mission Tiki where you can park and enjoy some new releases. It's awesome. 

And it's not just in LA, it's all over America...and the world. 

Autokino Essen runs one of 2 drive-in theaters in Germany. He told The Hollywood Reporter he has “sold out every screening since the country went into lockdown in early March."

“It doesn’t matter what we show, people just want to get out and watch a movie...We’re sold out weeks in advance.”

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the movie theater industry with over 40,000 screens closed in the US alone

So, what are people doing? 

They're heading to the drive-in. 

According to an article on CNN, this is an amazing phenomenon. They interviewed Miami business owner Eddie Bernal, who decided to launch his own temporary drive-in theater operation, Carflix Cinemas, and now his business is booming. 

He uses a 36-foot LED movie screen and partnered with the owners of Dezerland Park indoor recreational complex to set up a drive-in in the parking lot.

"As soon as the whole pandemic news started, we started trying to figure out what the future holds for us," Bernal told CNN. "As we saw business declining, we started coming up with more ideas to generate revenue. This was one of the ideas presented by our staff, so we pursued it."

And it's not just warm weather places. 

Even New York is getting its share of screens. 

Kal Dellaportas, head of operations at the Bel-Aire Diner in Queens, New York started his own drive-in theater in early May. "The first time we put tickets up, which was for The Sandlot, tickets sold out in three minutes and there was over 500 attempts in those three minutes to buy tickets online," Dellaportas told CNN. 

In April, The Hollywood Reporter said there are about 320 drive-ins in the US, and just 25 are open, but that number started growing the day people noticed that the public wanted an option to go out and enjoy themselves without risks. 

Personally, I think this could be a big development in the theatrical experience. Bigger screens, more privacy, and slightly cheaper ticket prices. Until there is a vaccine and you can just drop people off to watch something, these seem like sound investments. 

Only time will tell if they have staying power. 

Have you and your family/friends had the drive-in experience yet? Let us know in the comments!