Dune is a cinematic achievement the likes of which ain't coming around often. We had on the film's DP Greig Fraser and editor Joe Walker before to discuss it, and we're thrilled to now add into the fold these two Oscar-nominated sound designers. 

It's so easy for audiences and even filmmakers to overlook the impact of sound. It's so often the thing that takes something good and makes it great. (Or takes something great and downgrades it to bad.)

That's why you get people like Theo and Mark, and their team, to build you a truly cinematic and creative auditory landscape. Mark has been on the podcast before, and his way of breaking down the process and his pure love for it is palpable. Along with Theo this time, we get a sense of the scale for this undertaking. We learn how they broke it down into manageable pieces, sank their teeth into their assignments, and created unique sounds that in turn created a unique universe. 

This is movie-making at its true pinnacle.

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