Ever since Breaking Bad ended, fans have debated the fate of Walter White. Some conspiracy theorists have asked if Walter somehow survived that epic blood bath at the white supremacist's compound. Other people wondered if that was his voice we heard at the end of the El Camino trailer

Well, Gilligan just did an episode of The Rich Eisen Show where he confirmed what 99 percent of us already believed...

"Yeah, I'm gonna give you that one, Rich, because I love you so much. Yes, Walter White is dead. Yes.”

So how can you make a movie about one of the best TV shows ever?

When Gilligan got the idea to follow Jesse's life after the series finale, he knew it would be hard to keep that project quiet. They kept secrets on set by pretending to be filming a commercial for a Breaking Bad tour company. Which is awesome. 

Aaron Paul was snuck in and out of Albuquerque for shooting and the production relied on the city's people to keep their secrets. See, fans can do good things too! 

But how different is the movie from the TV show? 

According to Gilligan, the DNA of the show is in the movie -- but El Camino is its own thing. Gilligan explains on the show that fans finally get solid evidence that Aaron Paul is a star -- outside of TV -- and he's excited to show the world that.

While he wouldn't confirm who is and who isn't in the movie, Gilligan did mention he was excited for fans to finally get all the answers they've asked over the years. 

What's coming after Breaking Bad

While Gilligan says he's loved living in this world for so long, he does not intend to do any more stories within this world after Better Call Saul and El Camino. Gilligan did leave the option to work with the actors outside of the universe and to create something new with the people he loves, however. He wants success to continue, but he's finding the gumption to branch out and chase something new. 

So Gilligan will search for his next big thing. That should make all of us super excited for what's to come. 

What's the best Breaking Bad episode? 

Vince cites "Ozymandias" as his favorite Breaking Bad episode (Season 5, episode 14). In that episode, not everyone survives the gun battle in the desert; Marie tells Skyler that Walt has been arrested; Walt wants his family to flee with him.

It's dark, it's wild, and it might be one of the best episodes of television ever. 

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