We all start somewhere—even horror legend Eli Roth.

One of the most important principles I hold dear as a filmmaker is to never be ashamed of your early works, no matter how shabby. Anyone's early stabs at making movies is rough around the edges, sure, but the most important first step to becoming a filmmaker is inhabiting the noun itself: make films.

In honor of the release of Thanksgiving (arguably Roth's truest return to delightfully campy, satirical horror since his debut Cabin Fever) on Blu-ray, Eli Roth is releasing his early film school entry short film "Tempus Fugit" along with some wholesome video clips of his early foray into making movies with his buddy and Thanksgiving co-writer Jeff Rendell.

Thanksgiving is a bit of an anomaly, a slasher camp fest that started as a parody trailer before Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse released 16 years later. Considering the DIY nature of the company in reference, hosting Roth's early work seemed particularly relevant.

Watch, and enjoy! And, for all intents and purposes, let this early window into an extremely successful filmmaker's first stabs at the art inspire you.

Two Kids Obsessed with Horror

A quick, charming intro to Eli Roth and Jeff Rendell's Friendship. It's got to start somewhere, folks!

"The Loser Show"

Ever watch Eli Roth's History of Horror Movies on AMC? Well, you've never seen it like this before.

"Splatter on the Linoleum"

A quick glance at hand cut credits (on linoleum) and blood splatter like you've never seen it before (ketchup).

Eli Roth's film school submission "Tempus Fugit"

Never be ashamed of your early foyer into filmmaking. It's never a bad move to have fun first, refine your style later.

Eli Roth's campy delight Thanksgiving is available on Blu-ray now.