Netflix is the streamer that revolutionized people streaming and watching movies and TV at home, and a few decades later, they have the largest subscriber base with streaming competition and a lot of power within the industry.

Get ready for some more numbers—it's data report day at No Film School.

Their new dominant tactic of wi-fi dependent tyranny is to release six-month engagement reports, where they tell you how many people were watching.

In their latest report they've revealed who's been watching what in the back half of 2023, and the numbers are very interesting.

Firstly, the three most popular titles of all time became Wednesday (98M), Red Notice (62M), and Squid Game (25M)—which were still being watched months and even years after release.

They've posted these numbers for shows that have been around for a while and are still pulling massive numbers over the final six months of 2023.

  • The first three parts of Lupin generated nearly 100M views in the second half of 2023, with nearly 200M views across Cocomelon’s eight seasons.
  • The Witcher (76M), Virgin River (69M), The Crown (50M), Sweet Magnolias (35M), Top Boy (26M), Heartstopper (24M), Sintonia (20M), and Sweet Home (17M) all pulled in huge numbers.
And it's not just scripted stuff. When it came to reality, millions of people were watching. And reality spinoffs brought way more viewers into the original shows.
  • One Piece (72M)
  • Squid Game: The Challenge (33M)increased viewership for Squid Game by 34%
And kids and family represented 15% of all viewing, with titles like Gabby’s Dollhouse (90M), Family Switch (62M), and The Monkey King (43M) all becoming massive hits on the platform.
You can read all the numbers on their watching website. But as of now, Netflix is dominant in the space, and everyone else is envious of what they're doing.

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