Well, he did! And apparently, he didn't get along so well with the show's main star, Ellen Pompeo. 

Washington directed the 12th season episode "The Sound of Silence."Recently, Pompeo and fellow co-star Patrick Dempsey did a podcast where they spilled some details about the on-set drama that had happened.

The incident with Washington happened after she went off-book during a take and gave a note to another actor. 

“I was like, ‘Look at me when you apologize. Look at me.’ And that wasn’t in the dialogue,” Pompeo said. “And Denzel went ham on my ass. He was like, ‘I’m the director. Don’t you tell him what to do.'"

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Whoa! Some uncomfortable power dynamics were playing out here... and Pompeo wasn't having it. She responded with, "Listen, motherfucker, this is my show. This is my set. Who are you telling?"

You could just chalk this incident up to just high tension and frustration on a film set. But regardless, it appears to have been pretty unprofessional on both sides. 

Pompeo went on to say her beef with Washington stayed within that argument and that there was no continuation of the drama. She even hinted that it could have positively impacted their work. 

“Passionate and fiery and that’s where you get the magic, and that’s where you get the good stuff. So, it was an amazing experience, it really was,” she said.

Well, maybe it was worth it! You always have to balance strong opinions on a set, but it's probably not good to let it go this far.

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Source: IndieWire