I think one of the most inspirational stories in all of filmmaking is the one of Sam Raimi. He made a little horror movie in a cabin with his friends and translated that into a movie series that catapulted him to the forefront of campy horror. 

The Evil Dead series features some of the coolest camerawork and the goriest practical effects. And now the fourth installment is coming to HBO Max. Executive produced by Evil Dead original director Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead Rise is a whole new adventure with the Necronomicon. 

The Hole in the Ground director Lee Cronin is set to bring the franchise back from the dead. We don't know the exact details on the plot, but according to Collider, "Evil Dead Rise will also bring in new female protagonists Alyssa Sutherland (The MistVikings) and Lily Sullivan (Picnic at Hanging RockJungle) to play two estranged sisters who need to overcome their differences to survive an attack of the demon-possed dead."

There's no exact release date, but production is set to begin in New Zealand in 2021 and hopefully come out in 2022. 

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