When celebrities go on Hot Ones with Sean Evans, they tend to give really honest answers as their mouths burn with spicy deliciousness. Colin Farrell is not immune to Evans' charms or hot sauces.

And when he was asked about starring in Terrence Malick's 2005 film A New World, Farrell did not disappoint, telling a beautiful and wondrous story about the director. You can watch the interview below, or scroll for the quote. 

As Colin says in the video:

“I remember, one time, there was a rainstorm when we were shooting The New World in West Virginia. Sheet lightning coming down. Then forks. Loud claps of thunder. Deafening. And then I hear one of the producers go, ‘Oh, Jesus! Oh, Christ! Will somebody go get Terry!?’ And we look out and fucking dude, Terry Malick, has a conductor—he has a camera that’s a fucking conductor, basically—on his shoulder and the grass is blowing and he’s in the middle of a fucking lightning storm. It was the most beautiful thing ever. And he’s not stupid. Terry is a very bright, very wise man. But he is just so enamored with and so fascinated with nature—which is why human beings aren’t sometimes the central aspect of his films. Extraordinary fellow.”

Malick is notoriously reclusive, wise, and a filmic genius. This story is not surprising to hear, but amazing as a form of insight into the man and his mind. 

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