I love the Fast franchise. I think the movies are so much fun, and the way they have evolved over the years is stunning. One of the things I think they left behind are real, grounded stunts. I hope the ninth installment took some lessons from the fifth film and can make it part of a visceral reality. 

These movies push the envelope in so many different ways with many creative set-pieces, but I am nostalgic for the days where they looked like they were real. And for the days where we saw stunt performers taking these stories to the next level. With each new installment, they get faster, and even more furious, but we also get a lot more CGI.

Still, Fast Five, the movie that changed the entire series, had the best set-piece in all the movies, and it was done practically! 

Check out this video from Nerdstalgic and let's talk after. 

Fast Five Is the Best in the Series, Because the Stunts Are Mostly Real!

As I said in the opening, I am a huge fan of these movies. There are not any of them I don't like. But as they got bigger and bigger, they changed a bit. I do get nostalgic for the time when the storylines didn't necessitate so many computer graphics. 

Maybe that comes from being a part of the Jackie Chan generation, where his stunts and fights blew my mind, and the camera was left shooting wide to show the intricate ballet, but the Fast movies used to do the same with cars. While I think the graphics look great and don't take us out of the story at all, I do wish we saw some emphasis on legitimately amazing driving skills and stunts. 

The Fast movies succeed because of the characters and their fun missions, but I always found the car racing scenes are what keeps these international superstars grounded. No matter what, they like to drive. I think as we reach the final installments of these stores, I'd love to see them use their massive budgets to do more things practically. It would not only employ more people but keep that blue-collar essence that makes these movies so different and so fun. 

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Source: Nerdstalgic