Have you had trouble connecting...or reaching out and really understanding someone? 

WarnerMedia and its owner AT&T have partnered with the nonprofit academy Ghetto Film School to launch Film Credits, a new, nationwide film challenge that asks youths to create short videos expressing their “feelings of connection” at this point in history.

Here's the blurb: "Together with AT&T, WarnerMedia, and community partners nationwide, Ghetto Film School is shining the light on young people everywhere responding creatively to this moment. We are asking young people across the nation, How Does It Feel to Be Connected, RIGHT NOW? Make a short film with a runtime of 3 minutes or less and submit it to the Film Credits Challenge at filmcredits.org for a chance to become a finalist. Visit the Digital Access For All platform to hone storytelling and filmmaking abilities. Good Luck! We're looking forward to your short story."

The contest is open for submissions from now through August 28th. For their 3-minute films, participants between the ages of 14 and 21 should “invent a metaphor” that represents how they feel about connecting to their friends, family, neighbors, and the world in general, per contest rules. Ghetto Film School also specifies that videos should be in English (or subtitled English), but other than that, doesn’t give creators too many barriers to entry.

Winners will have their videos displayed during a virtual event this fall.

In the video we hear, “There’s a lot we can’t control at the moment, but it’s important to remember that stories can be told under any circumstances...Storytelling can be an especially powerful tool to raise your voice, define a moment, and connect communities.”

In a statement, Charlene Lake, AT&T’s chief sustainability officer and SVP of corporate social responsibility, said the company chose to partner on this project because it has a “moral imperative to lift up underrepresented voices.”

“We want to find and nurture the next generation of diverse storytellers,” she added. “These young creators are mirrors of our society.”

So get to work! 

Enter the Film Challenge now!