Film Crux is one of our favorite companies here at No Film School. I feel like they have so many neat resources for filmmakers in their library. 

Now, you can access everything they have for offer for just $1 for the first month, then $10 a month after that. Seems like a great deal if you just want to grab a month to finish a film or want to have a lot of tools on hand for the edit. 

The discount code at the bottom of this page only lasts for 48 hours, so hurry! 

What Does Film Crux+ Get You? 

Get access to all 10 FILM CRUX products for cinematic sound design, music, foley, plus VFX, and more. They are a world-renowned filmmaking company designed to help you do one thing — make better films.

The best part is that they want filmmakers like you to save money.

Exclusive partner discounts available only to members, including free months of Artgrid stock footage, and 40% Off ShotDeck.

Learn Filmmaking Secrets

Exclusive mind-blowing content, private AMAs, and access to the private newsletter with their best tips, tricks and tools. This is vital for filmmakers who are looking for more resources to help them finish their upcoming projects, or for those who want to experiment with heavily discounted tools.

Join the World's Best Filmmakers

Join other FILM CRUX+ members like Chris Connor, Ezra Cohen, Edward Crockett, and DiAnté Jenkins to take your films to the next level.

Here’s the discount code where people can get the first month of FILM CRUX+ for only $1 for the first month: NFSPLUS

This offer won't last long. You only have 48 hours to cash in, so hurry!

Happy filmmaking!