I'm all about the free giveaways, so when Film Crux reached out to offer all No Film School readers a free month of plus, I was excited for you... and myself.

Film Crux is a world-renowned filmmaking company designed to help you do one thing: make better films, whether that be with their wildly popular filmmaking products, videos, and articles on filmmaking, or through inspiration from their own films.

Their + initiative has all their sound and editing tools, transitions, and edits all for free.

The free offering includes:

  • 281 curated sound design and foley sound effects
  • 137 original full-length songs to use in your films and videos
  • 294 original drag-and-drop space VFX assets
  • Clean and dirty letterboxes and mattes in both 4k and 1080p
  • LUTs, transitions, overlays, vignettes, and much more…

The best news? There’s no time limit. People can get this any time they want.

- YouTubewww.youtube.com

Here's the instructions for people to get them:

  1. Click the link to go to FILM CRUX+
  2. Click the Make Better Films button.
  3. Sign up to FILM CRUX+ and use code CRUX at checkout.
  4. Once signed in, in your account dashboard under Digital Products, click "view" to go to the Members Area.
  5. Click 'Products' and download everything you want.

You can cancel any time, and keep all the packs!

Or, if you can afford the $10, stay a member to help them make more amazing stuff like this offer and site.

It's all pretty simple.