FilmConvert has been busy the last few months introducing new camera packs for its popular software that include FilmConvert Nitrate and CineMatch. The latest is good news for Sony shooters—the company has made a pack for the FX6

If you're unfamiliar with FilmConvert, they create color grading tools that allow filmmakers to easily match different camera sources. With FilmConvert Pro and the more robust FilmConvert Nitrate, content creators can apply different film stock emulations and grain to the image which can be further tuned to preference.

The company also has CineMatch, which allows you to match log sources of different cameras.

Let's say you're shooting Sony S-Log3 with one camera and Canon C-Log with another. With CineMatch, you can download the camera pack to match both log sources to a single log profile and grade from there. This drastically cuts down the time to match two different sources. Or, if you're shooting with a camera and prefer the look of another, say ARRI, you can apply that log profile to the camera and grade from there. 

The addition of the Sony FX6 camera packs comes on the heels of packs for the a7R IV and a7s III with S-Cinetone. Now matching Sony sensors is that much easier between the two cameras. Let's hope we see a RED Komodo next. 

You can find out more over at FilmConvert and CineMatch