The Filmstro V3 Pro app—the latest version of the world’s first adaptive music library—is here and set to include several new updates that should further change the face of stock and royalty-free music and audio. This new V3 Pro app adds the ability to custom tailor your stock music and make your own video soundtracks in minutes.

Let’s take a look at how this new feature works and how you—as a filmmaker, content creator, whatever—can custom tailor your stock music with frame-by-frame control for your projects.

Change Your Music’s DNA

Filmstro touts itself as a brand that’s all about empowering you—the visual creative—to harness the building blocks of music by offering intuitive, yet powerful, ways to change your music’s DNA. And with this new tool, it’s true—you’ll no longer need to figure out the BPM of the music and edit fiddly stems into your NLE or audio programs.

Instead, you can just set the length you need and then dial in the right emotion at the right time to enhance your edit with this new music app feature. You can try the scoring sliders right here to get an idea of Filmstro's core concept. Just press play below and move the sliders below.

Make Musical Changes on the Fly

The real promise here is to be able to achieve in minutes what would normally take a composer countless hours to compose. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to using this music app with Filmstro.

  1. Preview your video in real-time as you make changes to the music.
  2. Use the scoring sliders to block in the main shape you want the music to be and then use the transitions tab to add and refine the musical transitions from section to section if necessary.
  3. You can also make changes directly on the timeline and shuttle through each parameter to hear the musical changes instantly while watching your footage.

From there it’s up to you to just visualize the music in your timeline however you see fit. You can decide when the intensity of the track should increase or where it should become more complex or full-bodied.

You can also make quick global changes to things such as the length of the track or overall volume so it compliments the preview of your edit even better.

Pricing Options

To get started with Filmstro V3 Pro you can check out the pricing page on Filmstro’s site here. Plans start as low as $8.25 a month, as well as feature lifetime options as well. If you use the code "NFS15" you'll receive a 15% discount to all Annual, Lifetime and perpetual Single Track licenses.

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