Whether you're creating the next great action flick, a war film, or a PSA on violence, chances are you're going to need a gunshot sound effect. That's where Filmmakers Manual comes in. 

In anticipation of their Valhalla Sound release on May 11th, Filmmakers Manual is offering No Film School readers 286 free gunshot sound effects for download

All of the gun sounds were engineered with the highest possible quality, and are ready to drop into timelines with ease. This pack comes with sounds for sniper rifles, fully automatic machine guns, pistols, shotguns, and everything needed for shoot-out driven action sequences.  



Normally, the Valhalla Action Sound Pack costs $99, but is on sale right now for $25. Inside are 1,700 sounds and the library is growing every day. We were able to score this free sample of high-quality sound effects for our readers.

Check out the page and listen to the sounds yourself. 

Download these free sound elements today