Need effects that sell space to your audience? Unsure how to fake them on your own? Well, the folks at FilmCrux have hooked us up with 100 free copies of SOL | Space VFX Elements. 

SOL includes 94 of the most useful and essential space VFX assets designed to help you put together breathtaking space scenes in seconds. And they're easy to use within your editing software. 


These effects are designed specifically to be drag-and-drop. Just put a black background in your scene, drop in whatever effects you’d like on top, and tweak to taste.


  • 94 original high-quality assets
  • All images and videos 4K or higher quality (13.3GB)
  • The same assets we use in our renowned space videos
  • Compatible with any major editing or design platform
  • Royalty-free
  • Digital download


  • Starfields (realistic starfields you can drop into your shots to be well on your way to creating jaw-dropping space scenes)
  • Planets and moons (includes 43 planets and moons in PNG format on transparent backgrounds you can just drop into your scenes)
  • Planet closeups (high-quality, ultra-realistic closeup shots of planets)
  • Planet rings (drop onto any of the 43 planets and moons and create new ringed planets with endless combinations )
  • Asteroids (high-quality 4K clips of asteroids and asteroid fields you can add to your scenes to create movement)
  • Stars and suns (individual suns and eclipses you can either use as backgrounds for your scene, or as individual elements to add flare)

Compatible with:

All assets are in PNG format with transparent backgrounds, or in 4K video with alpha channels (transparency), so they are compatible with any major video or image editing platform, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Pixelmator, and more.

Get your free copy here by using coupon code: NFSVFX

Didn't get here in time for a free copy? Use this code for 25% off: SOLNFS

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