Should you be making more money? Could your career afford to expand and grow? If you answered yes, well that’s two yesses between us both. To help us with that challenge, the Blackmagic Collective is launching free filmmaker courses, The Filmmaker Series: from Prep Through Post. The first installment starts today, May 7th, at 1pm PST.


Here’s the description of the free program from the Blackmagic Collective:

“We love hearing from experts in various fields of filmmaking because it makes us better at our craft. But what we all need these days is practical advice on how to super charge our careers into the true creative outlet we’ve always strived for, while making a living doing it. The Blackmagic Collective Filmmaker Series is designed to provide down to earth guidance for filmmakers of all backgrounds and experience. Professionals will join us each month to share their expertise to help you expand your creative talents, level up your resources for income, and deep dive into the craft of filmmaking. Over the coming months, via Zoom Webinars, we’ll host true experts in independent filmmaking and production, who can not only outline how to approach each segment of the business, but also with ample time allowed for you to ask questions and get real answers.

Join us for this insightful and useful guide to expanding your current filmmaking business.”


Sponsored by Blackmagic Design and Sigma, the first free webinar in the series starts today, May 7th, via Zoom and will cover your best options for starting a production company. Panelists will include producers and directors as well as tax specialists who can help you with those vexing legal questions, like is it really worth it to become an LLC? (My production company formed one, but what is it really getting us? Should we switch to S Corp?)

If you want to attend, you need to register here to get the Zoom link.

If you can’t make the first one, stay tuned for the next chapter to be rolled out shortly afterward. Not familiar with the Blackmagic Collective? It’s aimed at networking and educating filmmakers with workshops, panels, crew calls, and if you’re in the Los Angeles area, monthly meetings. From the Blackmagic Collective:

"Founded with the belief that the art of filmmaking should be accessible to all, the Blackmagic Collective is designed to bring together filmmakers from all disciplines and all experience levels to learn from, share with, and inspire each other. Whether a professional looking to grow your connections, or new to the craft hoping to learn from the pros, the Blackmagic Collective strives to provide all members the opportunity to grow creatively."

Find out more info about the free Filmmaker Series here, or tune in at 1pm PST for the first installment.

Source: Blackmagic Collective